Architectural philosophy
Along the last 22 years, I passed through different experiences, designed different buildings and believed in different philosophies till I become honest with believing in a set of design values. My webpage is not just a gallery for my projects as it is my journey to reach my own true believes. Simply, I describe my philosophy and my value matrix with “Organic design” which is characterised with the following 5 qualities:-

Originality-every single project should be a masterpiece. Every single design is a new experiment for me.  Each project is unique with its components, location, time, users and all other design factors which lead to original design each time.

Purity-all the different parts of the design merge together in harmony forming one pure element, one pure product coherent with the overall vision of the design. So, every single part exists in its perfect place with its perfect proportion to achieve a holistic purity. No adds on, no unnecessary elements.

Rational-designs are growing up along the time as a reaction between all the design factors like a tree which grows from inside to outside with true honesty to its environment. Keep a distance of honesty between our personality and the final design’s personality for a good building to exist.

Sustainability-designs should be sustainable socially, ecologically and economically. Earth has enough resources for everyone but has not enough for greedy ones.

Integrative-architecture is a series of design processes, consists of parametric elements, affected by design factors and defined through design parameters and shared by other disciplines and finally composed of plenty of ideas. Architectural design should integrate with all these items together in “working in harmony” formula on the micro level and integrate with the surrounding context on a macro level.

Design Methodology

I started with the “sketch design” till it failed to produce a successful building. Now I have established the following 7 steps process:-

Analysis-Program, functions, users, environmental, culture, urban context, social context and stake holders’ targets and project inspiration on the architecture industry

Brainstorming-test different solutions for the different problems of the project and propose different ideas for all the project challenges

Understanding-the design challenges, problems, solutions, strategies, ideas and establish a full understanding of the project circumstances

Free hand creation- architectural design is not an engineering design. It should have a vision, flare, freedom, originality, innovation and creativity. All of that could not be evocated with the conscious mind only. The subconscious mind needs to participate in the design process with the tons of the gathered information. Creative mind should have a margin of freedom to innovate.

Integration- an important process to make a building out of a vision

Coordination-with all other disciplines, designers and specialists to complete the design

Development- a series of complicated continuous process till the design become mature
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