Architectural design & design management
Hussam Abdelghany

Mr. Abdelghany is an architect with MSc in sustainable design in Built environment from British university in Dubai. He graduated in 1989 from Banha university faculty of Architectural Engineering, Cairo with a bachelor of science BSc in architecture.

Mr. Abdelghany specialises in envisioning complex multidisciplinary projects for which his integrated design approach delivers the highest quality design solutions. His strongest point is conceptualizing designs to win international and local design competitions with the main emphasis on high quality sustainable design. He has developed expertise in high rise buildings besides a wide spectrum of other building types including mixed use complexes, hotels, residential buildings, commercial offices, museums, airports, cruise terminals, religious projects and convention centres.The wide range of project types and sizes he designed, the wide spectrum of cultures of the cities he worked in and the long experience of the last 28 years have carved the rich architectural personality of Mr. Abdelghany who is always experimenting different design processes and methodologies.

Mr. Abdelghany has extensive international experience, having been the lead designer on projects in Egypt, France, UAE, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Libya, India and Russia and enjoys working with Atkins’ multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural international design teams.

Some of the awards that Hussam has won recently include MIPIM architecture review award for the best future Tall building for 2016, Arabian Property Awards for the best leisure development for 2016 and the Middle East Architect MEA award for the best hospitality project for 2015.

Mr. Abdelghany is an invited speaker for many of the conferences that are held in the Middle East like Smart Skyscrapers Summit in Dubai, World Architecture Festival WAF in Dubai, Façade Design and Engineering conference in Dubai and Sustainable construction conference-MEED in Cairo.

Besides his enthusiasm on the quality of his designs, Mr. Abdelghany has a high reputation in building good relationships with his clients and helping them to take the right decisions at the right time. He believes that the final building is a result of intersecting relationships between all the project stakeholders, the specialists and the designers. The key for success as he believes is based on a good design management with close monitoring to the design quality through the different stages of the design, a well-studied design process introducing high technology tools and design soft wares to come up with efficient and sustainable designs and good coordination between all the stakeholders of the project.
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