Dubai Cruise Terminal - option II
Year   2011
Location   Dubai, UAE

8000 pasengers cruise terminal, 4400 sq.m. luggage store, 2400 waiting seats, 24 emigration counters, 100 cruise line counters, services and facilities.

Size   19,000 sq.m.
Status   Concept
Practice   ATKINS

Dubai Cruise Terminal, which will be located in Port Rashid, is planned to extend Dubai ports capacity with 2 mega vessels and to be extended to 5 vessels be establishing another 2 terminals in the near future. We have faced many challenges along the way of the terminal design.The limited budget, the short design period and the limited available area to fit all the required facilities and services, all ahev created the real challenge of this project.


Central core which holds the emigration zone, the luggage screening area and the entrance lobby. On both sides of the central area,there are 3000 sq.m luggage stores at the ground floor and 2400 seats at the first floor. Due to The location of the terminal close to the old centre of Dubai with its heritage culture, the architecture came to reflect this context in modern interpretation to the Emarati traditional architecture with more emphasis on the contemporary lines of the design.

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