Business Bay
Year   2005
Location   Dubai, UAE
Program   Office spaces, office facilities.
Size   65,000 sq.m.
Status   Concept
Practice   DAR Consult

2 parallel 30 floors towers of 65,000 sq.m. of office spaces. both towers linked together through a multi leveled atrium divided into 5 segments through a platfor each 6 floors holding different facilities varried between coffee shop, Gym, swimming pools,...etc. The external skin vary in density based on the orientation of the mass to provide maximum balance between the natural lighting and the solar shading to the internal office spaces. The depth of the offices do not exceeds 7.5 meters to allow for maximum natural lighting for all the internal spaces.


 To design an efficient and comfortable office spaces through providing a balance between the environmental requirements, the social requirements and the spacial requirements for all office spaces along the twin towers. The division of the mass into 2 blocks with minimum office depth allow for better natural lighting. The internal atrium provides a multileveled naturally ventilated social node with heavy plantation and greenary. This atrium with its multileveled social platforms creates social, commercial balance for tenants and creat intimacy within the place.

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