Great Egyptian Museum
Year   2002
Location   Cairo, Egypt
Size   640,000sq.m
Status   Competition entry
Practice   HAGarchitects

The GREAT EGYPTIAN MUSEUM is a beacon to light the future. Its concept focuses on creating a TIME BRIDGE between a “trip to the past” to meet the ancient Egyptian history and the “architecture of the future” which creates the physical shelter of the trip. TRIP TO THE PAST: In the Egyptian temples, people used to pass through an axial hierarchical spaces to reach the sanctum sanctorum where god to be met. Drawing on ­­this metaphor, in the GREAT EGYPTIAN MUSEUM people will pass through spaces of similar axial and hierarchical sequences to meet the history in the pitch-black rooms “the display galleries”.  Elements like 18 massive columns colonnade, grand pylons forming the main entrance of the museum, lotus smell, harp music color and texture of stones are used to evoke the past to prepare the visitors to meet the history. ARCHITEURE OF THE FUTURE: visitors will explore other display tools through the parallel net of virtual reality nodes and through moving from one path to another through the transparent porous fluid spaces which form the architecture of the museum. The light structure, the intelligent interactive display walls, the converting and merging elements which slide between walls, floors and ceilings will form the sense of future as the other side of the time bridge.

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