The Pulse Mosque
Year   2017
Location   Dubai South, Dubai

This mosque is located at the heart of The Pulse development in Dubai South. The mosque is to cater for circa 800 worshipers besides the associate ancillary buildings. 

Size   5187 sq. m.
Status   Under Construction
Practice   ATKINS
The plot has been elevated to create a greater sense of presence within a dense urban setting. The architectural approach is contemporary yet influenced by Islamic geometry and style.

The external screen has been developed adapting one of the contemporary patterns to resemble the Islamic architecture in timeless manner. The screen was designed to degrade from bottom to top to give sense of vanishing as it goes higher. The cross vaulted arches have been introduced to address the entrance of the mosque. The whole mosque is raised one floor up to give sense of grandness and strong presence within the busy urban context. The mosque is surrounded by a reflective pool to add a sense of tranquility and serenity.  

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