New Capital Egypt Tower
Year   2015
Location   New Capital, Egyp

The 300m tower is located within the CBD district of phase 1 of the city. New Capital Egypt is approximately 700km2. This mixed use development with commercial, residential, hotels, entertainment, shopping and leisure components is to be developed in two major phases of which Phase 1 will consist of 140km2 of developable land and Phase 2 of 350km2 developable land. it is hotel / serviced apartment tower.

Size   135,000 sq.m.
Status   Concept
Practice   ATKINS

Patterns formed for this project is derived from; The River Nile, Benu Birds, Egyptian Palm Trees and the White Egyptian Lotus Flower.The patterns evolved through a series of design exercises that derived from the ‘Egyptian Nature’ concept. The design is made up of three key components. The first, is the weave that interconnects between floors; The sofit is sculpted into a diamond shape to give the second layer of the skin. Finally, the balconies are a continuation of the first component and accentuate the dynamic form of the weave

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