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Year   2007
Location   Dubai, UAE



No justice No peace



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Size   169,000 sq.m.
Status   Concept
Practice   ATKINS

Channel towers are part of Dubai Promenade development. Three residential towers of heights 48, 54 and 48 floors. The three towers are resting on a 3 floors podium which includes a retail mall and the car park of the towers.


The concept is to create a Vertical Cohesive Community. To achieve this type of communities, we created a gathering public spaces with attached facilities spread all over the levels of the towers in a well studied hierarchical logic. Starting with the COMMON PLAZA on the ground floor that connects the residents of the three towers together and to which the main retail mall is attached.  The residence of each tower are further connected through a series of sky gardens located at different levels with different activities attached to each sky garden. This distribution strategy is to encourage residents to move from one sky garden to another and to create a social dynamic in a vertical dimension. Within the planning of each apartment, we created central terrace to encourage all the family members to gather together and enjoy their own outdoor space. The architecture of the buildings reflects this community based concept through the integration between the external and internal spaces.

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