Prince Sultan Culture Centre PSCC
Year   2015
Location   Jeddah, KSA

6 residential residential parcels each hold a G+8 floors residential buildings. each parcel includes 3 residential blocks with modular apartments vary between 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedroom apartmens.   

Size   260,000 sq.m
Status   Concept
Practice   ATKINS

This residentila development is part of the Prince Sultan Culture Centre PSCC masterplan. The village, is composed of 6 equally sized clusters in addition to a unique trapezoidal 7th cluster at its far corner. the design of this residential development is represented by Residential Cluster Five. The strategy for the design is to develop a prototype system that satisfies the client intention for efficient and economic design with high architectural quality.


Integrated system: The design process of the units started with defining an 8.5mx8.5m grid system that integrates the architectural spaces, the structure spans and the mechanical routes together. Along this grid, the structural columns and the mechanical shafts are located in an alternating order forming the backbone of the architectural configuration of the units. Modularity and variety strategy: The integrated system approach formed a spatial framework for a limited number of modular units to configure the whole building. To create a verity in the building sculpture, a random distribution of the different modules has been introduced. The external facade of each module varies to introduce another layer of variety. The protruding balconies with their local patterned screens, the colours and the materials of the solid walls and the duplex units add to variety of the massing sculpture. Standardization: Adding to the modularity concept, we tried to standardize the design component to create an economy of scale and to increase the efficiency of the design. All the bathrooms, kitchens, toilets, laundry, maid and even the bedrooms are following limited number of standard typologies.

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