Year   2011
Location   Noida, India
Size   65400
Status   Concept
Practice   ATKINS
Description   Located nearby to Yamuna River, a 20 storey hotel with 200 rooms and 50 serviced apartments with total Gross Floor Area GFA of 65400 Sq.m. banquette hall of 2400 sq.m. is located on the ground floor. All spaces of the hotel have been planned on 11x11m module which provides the required areas for the guest rooms as well as the serviced apartments. 


Following our rational, analytical and sustainable design methodology, the hotel design has been developed as an interaction to a series of design parameters which carve the building mass to its final sculpture. Surrounding urban context, environment, project program, and the culture of the place are some of these design parameters that interact together to create an original, innovative and sustainable building. Several environmental analyses have been conducted to judge the best orientation and the best configuration of the components according to the overall thermal performance of the building. Due to the urban context of the site, the environmental studies recommendations and the hotel guests experience, we have introduced an internal courtyard which helps in creating a micro climate and focal point for the hotel users. The south facade has been tilted to cast more shadows and to reduce the cooling energy consumption in summer. An insulating ribbon that wraps around the building in the areas that receives the highest solar radiation has been introduced. This ribbon has been interpreted differently according to its architectural function. This ribbon around the tower becomes a solid shield that opens up briefly when required around the roof. The podium roof had the ribbon turned into a green roof garden that acreates a natural addition to the site landscape. Aligned with the respect of Yamuna River position in Indian culture, a metaphor to this sacred river have been introduced as a dominant water feature that starts at the hotel entrance and runs along the length of the site passing through the courtyard.

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